KEFA S.A. offers in cooperation with the german company AZO qualitative and reliable pneumatic conveyance,

storage, weighing and dosing systems for various industrial sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemicals,


The product quality and efficiency of a company depends to a large extent on the precise blending of raw


Prerequisite for the successful blending of raw materials is the precise feeding and dosing of the various


AZO systems guarantee reliable solutions for applications requiring an automatic feeding of the individual

components in one or more stations of mixers, kneading units, dissolvers, extruders, etc.

Also AZO systems provide excellent and economical solutions for the feeding, conveying, weighing and dosing of a

large number of recipies.

Click the link to watch the profile of AZO in video.

azo food plant   azo food      

azo vital plant   azo vital       

azo poly plant    azo poly    

azo chem plant    azo chem   



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